Nebraska Local
Food Challenge
The Nebraska Local Food Challenge is a month-long event taking place from September 1-30, 2021. During these 4 weeks, there will be events and activities that help people find local food, and support curiosity around why local food is important to us all. This event is targeted towards supporting people who are local-food curious but need some support and encouragement to buy local.
My goal for this project was to design a logo that highlighted locally produced foods, not just fruits and vegetables, that was easily recognizable and appealed to a wide audience. I chose to create a bold, hand-drawn logo, because I find that the loose, imperfect qualities of hand drawings, reflect the unbound essence of the natural world. The dairy cow represents both beef production and dairy production in our state. This logo was delivered with both color and black and white versions, because in the future they might print coloring sheets for kids to color as part of the challenge. They hope to use this logo for many years of challenges to come. 
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