Positive COVID Health Messaging
This was a project for Children's Hospital & Medical Center about creating fun, positive messaging for school-aged kids. The goal of this project was to have one poster per theme: wear your mask, wash your hands, and mental health during a pandemic and to create something COOL that the kids would like. School Nurses at Lincoln Public Schools plan to use these designs throughout the schools as posters, buttons, stickers, and other take-home materials for students.
I chose to use to use retro colors, hand-drawn illustrations, and a bit of humor in each one of my designs. For the typography, I wanted it to be a bit innovative and unique, this can especially be seen in how the 'w' and 'g' make up the elastic of the mask on the Wearing is Caring poster. The word 'your' is a bar of soap in the poster focused on washing hands. On the poster about mental health, I really wanted to show life during the pandemic. Some kids are going to school in-person, while others are learning remote. A schoolmate waves hello to her classmates as she goes off to school. Each window provides a glimpse into each student's lives. Everyone outside is distancing and wearing masks to keep everyone safe.
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