Only Rain in the Drain
Semi-Permanent Mural Installation, 5' x 12', 2017
I was honored to be chosen as one of ten artists to paint a mural highlighting the importance of keeping our waterways clean for the City of Lincoln's UpStream Art program. The goal of the Lincoln murals was to draw attention to the usually discreet concrete and iron infrastructure with the hope that observers stop and think about where the water goes after it enters a storm drain. If residents understand that stormwater flows untreated to streams, rivers and lakes, they will be more conscious of potential pollutants that can enter those waterways and, in turn, change their behavior to minimize these risks.
My semi-permanent mural installation resided near the bobcat exhibit at the Lincoln Children's Zoo from 2017 - 2018 and was featured in a Lincoln Journal Star article.
Artist Statement:
Fresh water is vital for the survival of every living being. Everything I chose to depict in this work depends on one another, starting with the water. Water provides life to wildflowers, pollinators, and animals. The water helps bring the plants to life, thus attracting butterflies, pollinators, and other insects. Pollinators play an important role in human food production, because they help with the pollination of crops, fruits, and nuts. Also, some small animals rely on insects and plants as their main source of food, which in return may be prey for larger animals. Without clean water, plants would not thrive, we may see a decrease in crop production due to the lack of pollinators, and our wildlife may face a shortage of food. Precautionary measures can be taken to help reduce the chance of these outcomes. One step to maintaining a healthy ecosystem is to make sure that the storm drains are free contaminates such as chemicals, trash, pet wastes, and other toxic substances.
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